Treasury Interest Rates

Have you noticed the headlines and blurbs about the inversion occurring in Treasury rates? The information usually has a warning that rate inversion could signal a potential recession. That’s wisdom…

It’s the truth, but …

Many aspects, not all germane

How can telling the truth not benefit decision-making? When a selective truth is told, with many similar truths never mentioned, listeners readily make associations to displayed traits that may not…

MindWorks and Internal Worldview

MindWorks book cover

I always look for new angles to understand how the mind works. When Mark Gorkin (@stressdoc) mentioned that MindWorks uses beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to build its internal worldview, I knew I needed to read it.

Electric Usage and Temperature

Figure 3. Temps (blue) given on the left vertical. Electric usage (red) given on the right vertical

When the temperature (blue) is high, the electric use (red) is low. Contrariwise, when the temperature (blue) is low, the electric use (red) is high. They have opposite seasonal trends.